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rona with 3 scholarship winners


The Millinger Group & Dream Big Darling have partnered to provide a unique, collaborative scholarship opportunity for emerging women leaders in the wine and spirits industry.

A minimum of 17 “FLOurish Scholarships” will be awarded this year, with each recipient gaining full-ride access. In other words, it’s free for the selected participants! The FLOurish program is personalized professional coaching, as unique as you are, with one-on-one coaching sessions that help you uncover your unique superpowers and flourish in a way that is meaningful to you, both personally and professionally.

FLOurish is named in honor of Rona Millinger’s professional mentor, Florence Pramberger, a former human resources leader for Seagram’s, Beam and Mast-Jägermeister—where she was known as the “FLOmeister.”

“Florence left us too early after a fight with cancer,” Millinger said. “I want to continue to give what she can no longer: mentorship, coaching, development and guidance to women who are looking to grow, contribute, progress, and advance in work and life.”

“I wish I had access to a program like this when I started my career, which is why I’m so excited that we can provide FLOurish to the next generation of leaders in our industry,” said Amanda Wittstrom-Higgins, founder of Dream Big Darling, noting that the value of each scholarship is $4,000. “It’s a really powerful program that will help our scholarship recipients identify their strengths and accelerate their professional success.”


Amanda Wittstrom-Higgins and Rona Millinger
Rona Millinger sipping drink while group of women are laughing

Dream Big Darling is a nonprofit dedicated to fostering the success of women in the wine and spirits industry through mentorship, education, life enhancement and professional retreats. The Millinger Group is a leading human resources consultancy providing personal, high-touch services to companies in the private and public sectors.

Both organizations share a mutual passion for paying it forward and providing up-and-coming women with a hand up in their careers—all of which ultimately resulted in this collaborative scholarship initiative.

Applications Now Open for 2022!

Dream Big Darling logoThe application is open to any woman seeking to better herself professionally in the wine and spirits industry.

The FLOurish program begins with a comprehensive Caliper Assessment, the most accurate and predictive personality assessment on the market. Next comes a debrief of assessment results and a review of focus items, followed by four “Insights into Actions” coaching sessions. Along the way, participants also enjoy peer insights sessions, mentoring from industry influencers, and group networking. The program is virtual, providing easy access to all.

Along the way, Millinger will work closely with each scholarship recipient and coach them through every step of the FLOurish program. She will discern what comes naturally to each woman and highlight where their focus could be in matters pertaining to communication; interpersonal dynamics; problem solving and decision making; organization and time management; and handling adversity.

rona millinger with relatives of Florence
rona posing with three 2022 launch party guests

All applicants must be willing to participate in the FULL program which consists of 10 virtual meetings beginning with our kick-off in July and concluding with graduation in February the following year.

“I am thrilled to provide this opportunity to women early in their career—it’s the perfect time,” Millinger said, noting that this type of opportunity is typically reserved for those who are further along in their careers. “They will emerge more self-aware, more confident and ready to make an impact on the industry and the organizations they work with. This is a huge step forward in supporting our future leaders and helping them flourish in the industry we love.”

Who should apply:

Up-and-coming women in the wine and spirits industry who are eager to learn, grow and make meaningful contributions to the industry.

How to apply:

Click the button below to complete your application by May 31, 2022.

A minimum of 17 scholarships are available. Winners will be announced June 20th, program begins July 12th.

Year One Was a Tremendous Success!

Launched in May of 2021, FLOurish was a great success!

Over $300,oo0 in additional funding. Nominated for a major award by the #1 wine magazine in America. And fantastic feedback from our inaugural year’s participants.


To learn all about it and to hear what our recent graduates have to say, click here.

100% Agreed
or Strongly Agreed:

“The FLOurish program was beneficial to my personal & professional growth.”

100% Agreed
or Strongly Agreed:

“The Caliper assessment was useful in identifying my natural super-powers and areas of focus.”

100% Agreed
or Strongly Agreed:

“I would recommend this program to other women in the industry.”

100% Agreed
or Strongly Agreed:

“My Coach (Rona) was effective. She managed the sessions well, was responsive, supportive, knowledgeable and helpful in my personal & professional growth.”

93% Agreed
or Strongly Agreed:

“By winning a FLOurish scholarship & participating in the program, I’m inspired to continue to grow and contribute to this industry.”

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