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Our innovative FLOurish program not only accelerates professional success—it fosters personal growth in a way that’s as personal and unique as you are.

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Co Creators, Rona Millinger, The Millinger Group and Amanda Wittstrom Higgins, Dream Big Darling

The FLOurish scholarship program is a personalized professional coaching series featuring free (with a value of $4,000 per recipient) one-on-one career sessions with Rona Millinger of The Millinger Group. The funded, six-month program is designed to assist and mentor emerging women leaders in the wine and spirits industry through personalized assessments, insights and mentorship.

Co-created by Rona and Dream Big Darling founder Amanda Wittstrom-Higgins, FLOUrish is named in honor of Rona’s professional mentor, Florence Pramberger, a former human resources leader for Seagram’s, Beam and Mast-Jägermeister—where she was known as the “FLOmeister.”

How It Works

The FLOurish program begins with a comprehensive Caliper Assessment, the most accurate and predictive personality assessment on the market. Next comes a debrief of assessment results and a review of focus items, followed by four “Insights into Actions” coaching sessions. Along the way, participants also enjoy peer insights sessions, mentoring from industry influencers, and group networking. The program is virtual, providing easy access to all.

Along the way, Rona will work closely with each scholarship recipient and coach them through every step of the FLOurish program. She will discern what comes naturally to each woman and highlight where their focus could be in matters pertaining to communication; interpersonal dynamics; problem solving and decision making; organization and time management; and handling adversity.


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APPLICATIONS OPEN MAY 8th – June 11th 2023


Program overview and timeline:
The program runs from July 2023 – February 2024. All applicants must be willing to participate in the FULL program which consists of 10 virtual meetings, beginning with our kick-off in July 2023 and concluding with graduation in February 2024.
Click here to view the program outline.

Who should apply:
Up-and-coming women in the wine and spirits industry who are eager to learn, grow and make meaningful contributions to the industry. A minimum of 17 scholarships are available.

How to apply:
Applications are now closed. We will launch a new application opportunity next year!

Hours 1:1 Coaching
Hours Group Mentoring
companies we have helped to impact.


“Florence left us too early after a fight with cancer,” Rona says. “I wanted to continue giving what Florence no longer can: coaching, development and guidance for women looking to contribute, progress and advance in their work and personal lives.”

Recognizing that professional coaching is often reserved for people already established in their careers, Rona adds that, “Having this type of guidance early on in your career is especially helpful, because it’s when you can benefit from it the most. Having an outside coach who isn’t involved in the details and the day-to-day can really help you take a step back and put your time and energy into what will have the most impact. “

Inspired by her memory the FLOurish this program is indeed, a beautiful thing.

Florence Pramberger


The purpose of the FLOurish scholarship is to coach, mentor, and elevate early- and mid-career women in the wine and spirits industry. Based on my experience, this purpose is being fulfilled.

I would recommend this program to other women in the industry.

The 1:1 coaching sessions were valuable.


samantha smiertka
Samantha Smiertka

“The FLOurish program helped me identify my strengths and growth opportunities during a time where I was navigating my next career move. The one-on-one coaching and group sessions were extremely meaningful. I am honored to have been a part of this years group of powerful and likeminded women.”

“Working with Rona has empowered me to ask for assignments that I want to learn and also to be strategic so that I’m moving towards my overall goal.”

“This program was a breath of fresh air that I didn’t know I needed. I feel a renewed passion for this industry and can’t wait for all the good to come.”

“The FLOurish program went above and beyond my expectations. I saw growth within myself almost immediately.”

“I have not only used the skills I’ve gained during this mentorship, but I have also used them to take a leap and shift positions in my career.”

Mary Catherine Vecko
Mary Catherine Vecko

“The FLOurish Program is the “gift that keeps on giving”. It acts as a professional prism, refracting many facets: networking, personal and professional growth, one-on-one coaching, exposure to other industry leadership, opportunities beyond the program such as writing an industry-relevant article, and much more.”

Pia Days
Pia Days

“The FLOurish Program has helped initially by taping into my innate strengths and weaknesses. Then, by focusing in on what serves me most and what is most beneficial to me, it has allowed me the freedom to say “Yes” and “No” accordingly. Through this program, I am a better leader and listener. The tools that I have learned over several months will carry me through several years.”

“The more I put into the 1 on 1 coaching and group sessions, the more I got out of it. I really felt I could be transparent with everyone in this program and enjoyed zoom session with other individuals in the program.”

“This program was a breath of fresh air that I didn’t know I needed. I feel a renewed passion for this industry and can’t wait for all the good to come.”

“Truly thankful for the time Rona gave to each of us! Finally a space to be vulnerable and open about life and work. Nice to have time set aside to be solution and goal oriented for growth.”

“So great to see other professionals and hear from the company kind enough to support this program. Really enjoyed networking with them and hearing their advice and stories.”

Audrey Tito
Audrey Tito

The FLOurish Program was the perfect mentorship program for me at the exact right time. The insights and support it provided were helpful to me.

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