Tie your HR strategies to company goals, then explain this to everyone who can affect the outcomes.

Your Human Resources initiatives must all be driven by your organization’s business goals, so you can strategically align with them. This provides locked-in prioritization, focus, and decision making for your HR department and the leadership it supports.

If your organization’s leadership, managers, and employees perceive all HR activities to be critical to personal and business success, then you will have a successful, respected HR reputation. Key to establishing and promoting this reputation is annual visioning and planning, and relentlessly communicating how each action is aligned with one or more of your business’s priorities.

The Millinger Group offers you the following HR Strategy and Communications services:

HR seen as second-least agile company function

chart of survey results
How agile is your HR department? (Click to view larger image.)

Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service are seen as the most agile functions in organizations. In contrast, Finance, IT, and Human Resources are among the least agile. This is significant, considering HR’s important role in heightening efficiency, knowledge transfer, and innovation.

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Are You an HR Leader With Too Many Commitments and Too Few Resources?


Do you often find yourself trying to kick-off, implement, or execute important Human Resources initiatives – without the right resources to get the job done well, if at all?

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