Because Sometimes Human Resources Needs More Resources!

You have big ideas and know what first-class Human Resources would look like for your organization.

You and your leadership team have identified important HR initiatives that support your organization’s vision and goals.

You are really excited about launching these initiatives and they will make a big difference in your organization – but how will you get them done?

Your staff is maxed out on getting their day-to-day priorities met…adding additional projects to their plate would only hurt the quality of their work…and they wouldn’t be able to give these projects the attention and dedication that’s warranted…or they might not have the appropriate expertise.

You can’t add additional headcount – especially for project-based work.

You don’t have the budget for a large consulting firm, but you do want high-quality work and industry expertise.

Your solution is The Millinger Group!

We take on important HR initiatives that you can’t resource internally.

We provide high quality and efficient project-based work that you can afford.

We are resourceful and creative.

We give you peace of mind.

We will help you meet your commitments and exceed your expectations – all while your day-to-day priorities continue uninterrupted!

Professional Certifications and Partnerships


To Supplement Your HR Resources, Contact Us Today!

Are You an HR Leader With Too Many Commitments and Too Few Resources?


Do you often find yourself trying to kick-off, implement, or execute important Human Resources initiatives – without the right resources to get the job done well, if at all?

If so, your answer to meeting these challenges is The Millinger Group.

Why The Millinger Group?


Custom Human Resource services based on your specific business needs & culture

Aligned solutions for your business strategies

Partner mentality that “owns” each project

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