One of the most important elements of employee compensation is communication.

Explaining what and how you pay your employees is critical to ensuring that your employees feel that they are compensated fairly for the work they do. It also helps them focus on achieving and exceeding your organization’s performance goals.

Employees who feel that they are being paid unfairly can be a huge distraction. Employees who do not understand how their bonus works may not even be focused on the right priorities. Effective communication is a critical component of an effective compensation program.

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54% of managers lack compensation communication training


54% of polled organizations answered “no” to “Does your organization provide total reward communication training to managers?” – Pearl Meyer & Partners poll

Your managers are the front line of employee communications. They need to be trained and knowledgeable on how your company compensates and rewards its employees.

40%–45% value mobile devices, social media over higher salaries


A recent Cisco Gen-Y study found that 40% of college students and 45% of young employees would accept a lower-paying job with more flexibility on device choices, social media access, and mobility over a higher-paying job with less flexibility.

It’s not all about the money any more for Millennials (ages 18–32) when it comes to a total compensation package.

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Are You an HR Leader With Too Many Commitments and Too Few Resources?


Do you often find yourself trying to kick-off, implement, or execute important Human Resources initiatives – without the right resources to get the job done well, if at all?

If so, your answer to meeting these challenges is The Millinger Group.

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