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Take a close, in-focus look at employee performance.

We all want the best talent and the highest-performing employees to help us achieve – and hopefully exceed – our business goals. But to effectively measure your employees’ performance and assess their potential in your organization, you need the right tools.

Fortunately, performance and talent management tools do not have to be complicated and process-heavy. In fact, they are most effective when they are simple to use, tied to your business goals, and well understood by employees and managers.

The Millinger Group offers you the following Performance Management services:

Personal goals unaligned and/or unestablished

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A recent Cornerstone OnDemand/Harris Employee Performance Management study asked employees to describe their job within the last six months.

  • Only 32% said their performance goals were aligned with their company’s business objectives

  • Only 20% have established career goals with their manager or employer

Professional Certifications and Partnerships

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Are You an HR Leader With Too Many Commitments and Too Few Resources?

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Do you often find yourself trying to kick-off, implement, or execute important Human Resources initiatives – without the right resources to get the job done well, if at all?

If so, your answer to meeting these challenges is The Millinger Group.

Why The Millinger Group?

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Custom Human Resource services based on your specific business needs & culture.

Partner mentality that “owns” projects, aligns to your strategies.

Women’s Business Enterprise Certification with benefits for you.

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