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Now you can objectively identify and quantify your employees’ potential rather than rely only upon subjective opinions.

It is difficult to make the best decisions about people’s potential solely through observations, interviews, and what other people tell us. Objective data gleaned from personality assessments can help you and your employees make stronger, more informed decisions. You will find that adding these assessments to the mix can greatly improve objectivity and insights for everyone involved.

Employees who are assessed gain tremendous understanding about how they are perceived by others, what work environments they are likely to thrive within, and which situations they are likely to find the most challenging and rewarding.

At the same time, organizational leaders who use assessments save significant time in getting to know their employees—6 months can be shaved off the on-boarding process by using assessment data!

With accurate and valid assessment data, you can use analytics tools to quantify your employees’ potential for exhibiting behaviors that are important to their roles and your culture.

Why gamble on an employee’s ability to lead change when you can assess and analyze data to quantify their potential to lead change?

The Millinger Group offers you the following Assessment and Analytics services:

75% believe that using People Analytics is "important" – but only 8% believe their company is "strong" in this area.

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A recent Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report concludes companies that build capabilities in People Analytics outperform their peers in quality of hire, retention, and leadership capabilities, and are generally higher ranked in their employment brand.

The report concludes that as People Analytics takes hold, data-driven decisions will become a common theme across all parts of Human Resources.

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Do you often find yourself trying to kick-off, implement, or execute important Human Resources initiatives – without the right resources to get the job done well, if at all?

If so, your answer to meeting these challenges is The Millinger Group.

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