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The Millinger Group is proud to announce that we have been awarded our “Women’s Business Enterpise” (WBE) Certification.

While the WBE certification process has been time-consuming for us, thousands of major U.S. corporations and federal, state, and local government entities nationally recognize the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) as the most relied-upon women-owned business certification entity.

For our certification, we submitted many formal documents that certified our business details. In addition to Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and P&L Statements, WBENC also requires a virtual site visit from an official program representative from WEBEC East, which services Delaware, Pennsylvania, and South and Central New Jersey.

Why go through the approval process?

Our clients can benefit significantly from a gold-standard Women’s Business Enterprise certification.

Some of the benefits from partnering with The Millinger Group now include:

1) Gaining favorable tax incentives

Organizations that do business with minority- or woman-owned businesses are eligible for federal tax incentives.

Furthermore, federal and state authorities can reduce tax liabilities by spending their grant or loan dollars on projects handled by women-owned companies.

Partner with The Millinger Group, and we will provide you with all certification information needed so your business can also enjoy some of the tax benefits of WBENC certification.

2) Experiencing faster turnarounds

The truth is, the world of women-owned businesses tends to be populated with small businesses. While we hope that one day this will change, in the meantime, it means that your WBE-certified HR consultant will likely be nimbler and faster than even mid-sized competitors while retaining outstanding competency.

The Millinger Group can adapt to your project timing needs in a way that complex organizations can’t, won’t, or will charge you higher fees to do.

3) Enjoying more diverse creative thinking

Regardless of the Human Resource challenges your organization faces, the more diversity you can bring to the table will offer backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives that bring more creatively yet strategically sound ideas than a homogenized team or management group can provide.

As a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), you can be sure that The Millinger Group brings a creative, strategic perspective often lacking in organizational leadership groups and initiatives while retaining highly professional competency for the matter at hand.

4) Demonstrating your commitment to hiring diversity

When your organization supports hiring diversity, it becomes more attractive to B2B and B2C groups who care about such actions. It lets your customers, employees, financial stakeholders, and prospective high-talent job candidates see that you walk the talk when it comes to valuing a diverse workplace.

5) Committing to a growth economy

Small business growth fuels our local and national economies. When you hire a women-owned business, you economically empower women who become engines of growth and stability for their employees, communities, and families.

We are proud to be a WBE certified HR consultant for all it says about us and our clients. If you have any questions about how you can be part of the many exciting benefits of working with The Millinger Group, please contact us today!

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